Siemenstraße 2-18, 17, 51381 Leverkusen


Warehouse/logistics property

Available space

24,724 sqm

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Available space Use Building Unit existing/new-build Available
8,371 sqm Warehouse/Manufacturing Building 1 fully rented Existing building
3,543 sqm Warehouse/Manufacturing Building 1 rental unit 4 Existing building immediately
3,195 sqm Warehouse/Manufacturing Building 1 rental unit 5 Existing building immediately
4,016 sqm Warehouse/Manufacturing Building 1 rental unit 6 Existing building immediately
5,599 sqm Warehouse/Manufacturing Building 1 rental unit 7 Existing building immediately

Last updated: 09.04.2024

All information about the property

BENTO Leverkusen, a warehouse and logistics property, was largely built in 1970 using flexible construction methods. A modern new-build was added in 2015. BENTO Leverkusen has a rental area of approx. 23,704 sqm of warehouse and logistics space and approx. 380 sqm of office space. Attractive individual halls and a sustainable roof made of glued solid wood wall trusses, combined with wall structures comprising steel columns and masonry, round off the overall picture. In strategically redeveloping the site, the guiding principle is to create a sustainable multi-tenant set-up with separate rental units.


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