BRICKHUB: A historic location offers new perspectives

Logistics meets research meets manufacturing meets the future

BRICKHUB: a hub of creativity that captivates with its historical charm and vast industrial hall. Here we offer individual and customisable spaces for trailblazers and visionaries, where tradition and innovation fuse to create a unique ecosystem, designed to push the boundaries of what is possible and cultivate fertile ground for the emergence of forward-looking ideas and projects. If you want to rent modern premium commercial and office space in Berlin, BRICKHUB is the ideal destination. 

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Eichborndamm 141-165, 13403 Berlin


Logistics property with Flex Space

Available space

42,802 sqm

Eichborndamm_20230511-132_web.jpg Eichborndamm_20230511-017_web.jpg Eichborndamm_20230511-220_web.jpg Eichborndamm_20230511-254_web.jpg Eichborndamm_20230511-245_web.jpg Eichborndamm_20230511-360_web.jpg Rendering Werkstatt.jpg Büro Rendering.jpg Eichborndamm_20230511-466_web.jpg Eichborndamm_20230511-491_web.jpg
Available space Use Building Unit existing/new-build Available
649 sqm Archive BRICK 2 Basement Existing building from Q1 2024
427 sqm Industry 4.0/Flex Space/Light Manufacturing/Laboratory/Workshop BRICK 2 ground floor_partial area 1 rented Existing building from Q4 2025
1,071 sqm Industry 4.0/Flex Space/Light Manufacturing/Laboratory/Workshop BRICK 2 ground floor_partial area 2 Existing building from Q1 2024
726 to 1,500 sqm Office/Laboratory BRICK 2 1. upper floor Existing building from Q1 2024
740 to 1,530 sqm Office BRICK 2 2. upper floor Existing building from Q1 2024
107 to 1,299 sqm Industry 4.0/Flex Space/Light Manufacturing/Laboratory/Workshop BRICK 1 ground floor Existing building from Q1 2024
103 to 3,044 sqm Office/Laboratory BRICK 1 1. upper floor Existing building from Q1 2024
278 sqm Office Extension ground floor Existing building from Q1 2024
671 sqm Office Extension 1. upper floor Existing building from Q1 2024
391 sqm Office Extension 2. upper floor Existing building from Q1 2024
760 sqm Sale/Warehouse/Industry 4.0/Light Manufacturing/Flex Space Warehouse Existing building from Q1 2024
8,810 sqm Logistics/Light Manufacturing Hub 1 Existing building from Q1 2024
7,936 sqm Logistics/Light Manufacturing Hub 2 Existing building from Q1 2024
7,811 sqm Logistics/Light Manufacturing fully rented Existing building
6,625 sqm Logistics/Light Manufacturing Hub 4 Existing building from Q1 2024

Last updated: 17.05.2024

Tomorrow’s Urban Hub, today

BRICKHUB, situated in Berlin’s Reinickendorf district, boasts a total of around 43,000 sqm of logistics, manufacturing, office and workshop space. The brick-red factory building exudes an inimitable loft-style appeal and industrial charm, providing an ideal environment for sustainable working. At BRICKHUB you are sure to find the space to bring your ideas to life – from concept development to production, storage, and dispatch.


  • BRICKHUB offers an innovative environment for your ideas, steeped in century-old Berlin industrial tradition, seamlessly blending historical heritage with a modern vision.
  • By switching to zero CO2 emissions, implementing large-scale photovoltaic systems, and promoting biodiversity, BRICKHUB sets a new benchmark for sustainability.
  • The development of the site is being carried out in strict compliance with the applicable historic preservation orders, ensuring the historic character of the site is maintained while also creating a sustainable working environment.
  • BRICKHUB enjoys both an exceptional location in Berlin-Reinickendorf and excellent transport connections. Its close proximity to the A111 motorway, which is just 5 minutes away, is particularly advantageous for urban logistics providers.


Rent commercial space in Berlin: Historic landmark meets city logistics and office lofts

The spaces available at BRICKHUB are nothing short of remarkable: With a total of approximately 32,000 sqm of manufacturing and logistics space and 11,000 sqm of creative space, historical charm and industrial flair combine to create the perfect backdrop for flexible, tailor-made, and customisable working environments.

Featuring ceiling heights of up to 5 metres, the two BRICKS offer optimal conditions for manufacturing, workshops, laboratories and research and development activities related to Industry 4.0. The office spaces, which are flooded with natural light, reinterpret the classic loft concept, tailored to meet the needs of contemporary workspaces. 

The hall is divided into four rental units, each measuring 7,000 sqm. With soaring ceilings, HGV docks, and ground-level gates, these areas are perfectly suited for use as logistics and production space.


Refurbished, landmarked building complex Four HUBS for urban logistics and production
  • Total area: 11,000 sqm
  • Total area: 32,000 sqm
  • Flexibly divisible office and workshop units
  • Divisible into four rental units
  • High quality of stay
  • Clear ceiling heights of 5.8-6.3 m
  • Office lofts with industrial charm
  • 54 HGV docks
  • Ceiling heights of 3-5 m
  • 10 x 15 m column grid


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