Frauenstraße 44, 82216 Maisach


Warehouse/logistics property

Available space

7,461 sqm

(1)FF13979_2023-09-27_Maisach Drohne. (16).jpg FF13979_2023-09-27_Maisach Drohne. (30).jpg 1.1_FF13979_2023-09-27_Maisach Bodenkamera (4).jpg 1_FF13979_2023-09-27_Maisach Bodenkamera (6).jpg 2_FF13979_2023-09-27_Maisach Bodenkamera (13).jpg FF13979_2023-09-27_Maisach Bodenkamera (1).jpg Maisach-372.jpg Maisach-618.jpg

Available space Use Building Unit existing/new-build Available
5,532 sqm Warehouse/Production Building 1 rental unit 1 Existing building immediately
1,929 sqm Warehouse/Production Building 1 rental unit 2 New Building immediately

Last updated: 09.04.2024

All information about the property

On this former car parts warehousing site, a state-of-the-art commercial property with a focus on manufacturing and logistics has been developed following a series of conversion and refurbishment measures over the last few years. BENTO Maisach in west Munich has a site area of 13,000 sqm, the majority of which is accounted for by the existing building. There is also an additional 2,000 sqm of flexible space available on site.


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